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What's in a Name? Your Coffee Drinks Explained

We’ve all been there, you gaze at the menu in a bustling coffee shop trying to make sense of the difference between every item. Americano, Cappuccino, Affagato- what does it all mean?! I myself always order the same, safe order. But it is in that moment a small voice in my head says "What if you aren't ordering what you'd love? "What if you're missing the perfect coffee drink that would change the way you energize just because of a scary name?". Gone are the days of drink FOMO (fear of missing out)! Press has set up a guide so you can have the best coffee experience. Here's what Press' owner, Miranda, has to share:

"When I first decided I wanted to start a coffee shop in my hometown, my first goal was to create a greater sense of community. I wanted a way to bring members of my community together and offer them the highest quality products I could. I am well aware that a lot of people are intimidated to order “incorrectly” or “sound stupid” by asking questions. That is never my goal. I want everyone coming in to feel comfortable and to have the most enjoyable experience possible. That’s why I like to explain to people that basically any coffee or espresso drink you get is simply espresso and milk. This may be steamed milk, foamed milk, or cold. It almost always boils down to two ingredients (espresso and milk) in different ratios. Espresso drinks are just dressed up with fancy Italian names and no one is going to judge you for mispronouncing something. All it takes is hearing it correctly one time and you will know!"

Espresso-Based Beverages

Please welcome the three major players at all coffee shops the Latte, the Macchiato, and the Cappuccino. The base of all of these drinks is espresso. The only factor that makes them different is the way the milk is prepared in them.

Latte (lot-tay)

For lattes, your barista will simply steam the milk. This is a popular choice due to their use of more milk and the combinations of flavorings traditionally added by coffee shops. Still getting used to that coffee taste? This drink is for you! Press has an array of specialty lattes that can be made hot or iced.

Cappuccino (cap-uh-cheen-o) Introduced in the 17th century, Cappuccino has remained a staple item in coffee shops everywhere. Cappuccinos will include foamed milk. You can expect a fluffy milk in that aesthetic, heart-like design in this staple item. Try yours with a Cinnamon or Chocolate powder for an extra kick!

Cortado (core-tah-dough) vs. Con Pana (con-pah-nuh)

If you want to pack a punch of espresso in a small package (8 oz), order a Cortado or a Con Panna. A Cortado is simply espresso kissed with steamed milk (for a super-creamy version, order it Brevé-style, made with half-and-half instead of milk). A Con Panna is espresso topped with whipped cream.

Macchiato (mock-e-auto)

For a macchiato, baristas combine a bit of both steamed and foam milk. Fun Fact: There is a bit of controversy surrounding the proper methodology for making one of these drinks, what we at Press like to call the Great Macchiato Debate. Chains have normalized that a macchiato always comes with the espresso on top of the drink. However, at higher end coffee shops, you will most likely receive the traditional version of the drink. Traditional macchiatos come in a tiny cup and are sparingly “kissed” with the steamed and foamed milk. Luckily, We serve them however you prefer. We will do our best to satisfy the coffee “purist” or blow out the version you’re used to, an Iced Caramel Macchiato with drizzle that will rival that fancy-looking Starbucks creation.

Drip Roast Options

If you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to coffee, we invite you to compare our regular drip roasts with the best, pure coffee you’ve ever tasted. If you really want to enhance those lovely flavor profiles with your preferred roast, ask for a pour over. Our Newsboy Brew light roast features floral and citrus notes. In our Printer’s Devil medium roast, the nutty, chocolate notes shine through. If you want to venture into the espresso world without diving too deep—try an Americano. An Americano is simply espresso and hot water (or cold if you’re going iced). Ours will please your purist heart.

Café Au Lait (caf-fay-oh-lay)

Want a fancy “latte” style drink that is kind to your wallet? Go with Ernest Hemingway’s favorite and try a Café Au Lait. It is brewed coffee (about ¾ of the cup) topped with steamed milk. You can still get that satisfying creaminess of a latte for a buck less as coffee tends to be cheaper than espresso at most coffee shops.

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