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GiftAMeal: Give Back With Your Morning Coffee

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

In 2019, Pew Research Center reported that 75% of United States adults are active social media users. With this number on the rise, it's safe to say consumers are sharing almost everything imaginable on their various platforms. At the turn of the last decade, a new trend swept our nation: sharing pictures of your food on social media. What started with food bloggers, turned into a fad easy enough for anyone to capture. The art of photographing our meals remains a timeless trend 10 years later, simply because we all love food. As restaurants turn aesthetic dining experiences into social media exposure and free advertising (think latte art, avocado toast, and loaded donuts) founder of GiftAMeal, Andrew Glantz, is bringing something to the table we all can all admire.

Glantz created GiftAMeal as a restaurant recommendation experience, but slowly it turned into a way to give back through dining. Through downloading the GiftAMeal app and uploading a photo (in-app) of your beverage or meal from participating restaurants, you are helping to provide a meal to someone in need. GiftAMeal pairs with food banks right here in the Midwest, including STL's Operation Food Search, Lakeview Pantry in Chicago, and Forgotten Harvest- Detroit. To this date, GiftAMeal has provided 471,000 meals to those in need!

Want to help? You're in luck! Press is a partner of GiftAMeal. Download the app, and stop in for your favorite Press drink. When you receive your order, snap a picture for the GiftAMeal feed, where you'll be able to show your items are also from Press! Sharing our food online just got a little sweeter. With GiftAMeal, we can participate in a fun trend while truly helping those who are hungry in the Midwest.

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